Lawrence Hazelrigg

Selected Works

Hidden causes, the body and dimorphism, Tarzan and primitivism; “powerful and well argued”
--Robert Brulle
What counts as knowledge, and why? “offers deep and subtle insights”
--Steve Fuller, editor, Social Epistemology
“Outstanding contributions to the sociology of knowledge, epistemology and philosophy of science”
--Douglas Kellner

A Selection of Papers

"Marx and the Meter of Nature" was published in 1993, in the journal, Rethinking Marxism. It was initially a chapter of Cultures of Nature. "Constructionism and Practices of Objectivity" was published in a collection of essays, Reconsidering Social Constructionism, edited by James Holstein and Gale Miller (New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1993). "The Problem of Micro-Macro Linkages" appeared in volume 11 of Current Perspectives in Social Theory (1991). Its subtitle is more descriptive of its contents: "Rethinking Questions of the Individual, Social Structure, and Autonomy of Action." "Reading Goffman's Framing as Provocation of a Discipline" began as a chapter of Wilderness of Mirrors but was published instead, in reformated version, in the journal, Human Studies, in 1992.