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Class, Conflict, and Mobility

(Lopreato and Hazelrigg, 1972): Contents

Part One: Theories of Class Structure
1. Karl Marx: Classes, Conflict, and Change
2. Vilfredo Pareto: Classes, Conflict, and Elite
3. Ralf Dahrendorf: Authority Structure and Class
4. Max Weber: Class, Status, and Party
5. Kingsley Davis & Wilbert E Moore: Functional
Importance and Social Inequality
Part Two: Studies in Class Consciousness
6. Class Consciousness: A Conceptual Analysis
7. Class Structure and Images of Society
8. Dimensional Awareness and Class Placement
9. The Distribution of Social Consciousness
10. Class Interests and Solidarity
Part Three: Studies in Job Satisfaction and Alienation
11. Work, Satisfaction, and Alienation
12. Some Dysfunctions of Stratification
Part Four: Studies in Social Mobility
13. Social Mobility: Rates and Comparisons
14. Education, Migration, and Social Mobility
15. Class Mobility and Class Consciousness
16. Social-Psychological Correlates of
Intragenerational Mobility
Part Five: The Continuing Marxian Legacy
17. Authority Relations, Classes, and Class Conflict