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Prison within Society

Section 1: Prison within Society
External Setting and Internal Relations of the Prison, George Grosser
The Social Functions of a Prison, Johan Galtung
Achievement of an Unstated Organizational Goal, Donald Cressey
Conditions of Successful Degradation Ceremonies, Harold Garfinkel
Social Control in Prison, Richard Cloward
Correctional Administration and Political Change, Richard McCleery
Socialization in Correctional Communities, Stanton Wheeler
Effective Institutions for Juvenile Delinquents, Robert Vinter & Morris Janowitz
The Inmate Group in Custodial and Treatment Settings, David Street
The Correctional Institution for Juvenile Offenders, Mayer Zald
Action Theory and Research in Social Organization, Frances Scott

Section 2: The Therapeutic Function of Prisons
Achieving Change in People, Dorwin Cartwright
Changing Criminals, Donald Cressey
The Role of Informal Inmate Groups in Change of Values, George Grosser
The Challenge of Correctional Change, Jay Hall, Martha Williams, & Louis Tomaino
Some Notes on Treatment Theory in Corrections, Don Gibbons
The Nature and Effectiveness of Correctional Techniques, Donald Cressey
Some Reflections on the Role of Correctional Research, Alfred Schnur

Section 3: Problems of Organization within the Prison
Power Balance and Staff Conflict in Correctional Institutions, Mayer Zald
Conflicts between Professional and Non-Professional Personnel in Institutional Delinquency Treatment, George Weber
Role Conflict in Organization, Oscar Grusky
Contradictory Directives in Complex Organizations, Donald Cressey
The Reduction of Role Conflict in Institutional Staff, Lloyd Ohlin

A Final Note
A Reader in the Thicket, Richard Korn